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Dr. Akil Khalfani moves against Donald Payne in US 10th Congressional District primary election By Bashir Muhammad Akinyele

Dr. Akil Khalfani

Dr. Khalfani has been busy mobilizing, spreading his message of CHANGE all around the 10th Congressional District in readiness for the crucial 7th June primary to elect the Democratic candidate for the election. Pictures here show some of Dr. Khalfani’s outings and those helping to spread the message

The power and spirit of the African drums are being sounded for this year’s US 10th Congressional District. Incumbent establishment Democratic US Congressman Donald Payne, Jr is being challenged by a passionate West Orange, New Jersey progressive independent Democrat named Dr. Akil Khalfani.

His voting line for the primary on June 7, 2022 is 1B in Essex County and 1C in Hudson & Union Counties.

The district consists of portions of Essex, Hudson, and Union counties, and includes the cities of Newark, West Orange, East Orange, and Orange. The district is majority African American and has been represented in Congress by Donald Payne, Jr since November 2012. Khalfani, along with many people in district 10, are extremely disappointed with their current representation in Congress. He says, “we need someone to represent us who has a progressive agenda for positive change. “I am not satisfied with the status quo,” Khalfani said.

“We have to step outside our comfort zones to create spaces for courageous and possibly difficult conversations about the path forward for all Americans,” he continued. Khalfani now strives to put his expertise and training to use in a practical and broader fashion for the 10th district and for the American people.

Although a newcomer to the national political scene, Dr. Khalfani has a long track record of organizing marginalized communities (i.e. LBGTQ, the poor, immigrants, and the working class) for empowerment, especially Black and Latino communities, through his activism and scholarship.

Dr. Khalfani, affectionately called brother Akil in the Afrocentric movement, has used his office as the Director of Essex County College’s Africana Institute in Newark, NJ to highlight the government neglect of its most disadvantaged citizens. He has been one of the leading college professors in the Unites States of America using his Africa-centered scholarship, research, and his writings to expose the resisting inhuman ideology of white supremacy and the systematic institutionalization of racism. These racial discriminatory philosophies have contributed greatly to long standing inequalities in the African American community.

-Bashir Muhammad Akinyele is a writer, History and Africana Studies teacher at Weequahic High School in Newark, NJ. He is also the co-coordinator for ASCAC’s (the Association for Study of Classical African Civilizations)

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