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Dr. Charles Chibuike Onyirimba: The man who will change tomorrow.

Dr. Charles Chibuike Onyirimba

Sometime ago in 1995, the famous American international weekly newsletter, Time Magazine had George Soros on its cover. The magazine titled that particular edition, George Soros: The Billionaire who would save the world and can almost afford to. In the body of the story, Time Magazine went further to describe Mr. Soros as a Master Donor. A man who puts his money, energy and time in any cause he believes in.

From 1985 when Soros floated his international donor agency named Open Society Foundations till date, the gentleman had donated over $20 billion to charity to positively change the face of things in almost all the countries of the world with his personal fortune. Till date, many recipients of funds from the Open Society Foundations do not know the individual in person nor know his name. Yet, they have benefitted from his charity works.

Fast-forward to Nigeria, precisely in Umudike Umueze in Ehime Mbano LGA, Okigwe North Senatorial Zone, Imo State, where lies another “George Soros” in the person of Dr Charles Chibuike Onyirimba, a man who has been totally involved in positive reforms of the society as far back as 1979. Dr Onyirimba is not only in the race for political reforms of his society, he is also an integral part of the body of big names that have at several fora in and outside Imo State, made substantial donations to several groups and individuals in Igboland in support of the Igbo political framework and democracy.

A leap into the background of Dr Charles Chibuike Onyirimba will present the following facts. In 1979, he founded and became the first president of Umueze II Academic Union and Youths Against Corruption. The determination to establish this and most likely, the only community based anti-corruption firebrand organization in Imo State then, remains an undisputed evidence that Dr Onyirimba is a man of integrity from birth. The foremost political scientist and journalist who  is a product of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, later went on to obtain his Doctor of Law degree from University of Florida. He is a man who does not only have the Imo political consciousness at heart but the spirit of Igbo political ideology. The former president of Igbo Union in Atlanta and a top member of World Igbo Congress as well as one of its top and foremost functionaries, Dr Onyirimba is not new to the politics of Nigeria and beyond.

According to the findings made by Umuaka Times about Dr Onyirimba, it will be almost impossible to write and capture all the social and political works he had been involved with in the past because the Principal, Onyirimba Law Offices and president Onyirimba Communications Inc, which publishes African Quest Magazine is not only an asset in Imo State but for Nigeria and Africa as a whole. In simple terms, Dr Charles Chibuike Onyirimba is a human-dynamo with a highly commendable personality that is impossible to ignore.

He is vested with a sound knowledge of law, Nigerian politics, business and the economy, social works and above all, has the fear of God.   He is a man of many political components, a voracious reader, social worker, philanthropist, trade unionist, an anti-corruption star, positive thinker, a quintessential scholar and administrator.

He has continually spent his personal fortunes on his society with the altruistic objective of creating a fair society.

A member of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) Dr. Onyirimba has run for the senate seat of his home senatorial zone, Okigwe North twice now with remarkable results.

His political future in Nigeria is seen as very bright, especially as politics continues to mature to become issues based and as elections become less monetized, more transparent and freer and fairer.

Adapted from UMUAKA TIMES

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