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Gov. Emeka Ihedioha

Emeka Ihedioha: Man of the moment for Imo rescue mission  By Uzoma O Nwagwu, New Jersey, USA


Hon. Emeka Ihedioha


The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, flag bearer for the Imo State governorship Elections in 2019, Rt. Hon Emeka Ihedioha is currently in USA on a seven days long sensitization and interaction with Imo in diaspora on his governorship bid. The former Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives has been scheduled to address Town Hall sessions in Dallas, Texas, Raleigh, North Carolina, present the roadmap towards Rebuilding and repositioning Imo state in New Jersey – New York area, before proceeding to Washington DC to deliver a key speech at the National Press Club. The visit remains timely and very crucial reading through regrettable Nigeria’s political news, and gory state of Imo.
The only regular feature of man is his ability to fumble and tumble, and his incapacity to escape the snare of time and history says Galbo. Imonites can no longer afford to bury their heads in the sand, like the ostrich and pretend that all is well in Imo state. Where have good responsible and accountable government, justice, equity and fair play gone? Why are so many of our rural population reduced to living a life of destitution. There are many more questions like these, and answers to them make one sad. To those who care about Imo State, the facts are embarrassing. Where, do we begin to ask, given the sordid nature of public infrastructures; the poverty, ignorance and disease devastating our people; mass unemployment, dysfunctional executive – legislative arm existing only in name, unparalleled state treasury looting.

Nevertheless, for the already bruised and battered Imo to limp high, we must jettison all romantic pretensions and idealistic delusions. It is not the “wringing of our hands, or the gnashing of teeth that will usher change, but ensuring our collective will for credible governance reign in Douglas House. Imo governorship election presents unique opportunity to elect a leader who we know, who shares our values, who we can hold accountable, a credible candidate with mandate based on the will of the people, a leader who will fight for our interest first, last, and always. It is in this context Hon. Emeka Ihedioha remains the man of the moment for Imo rescue mission.
In the raging debate in different social media e-groups, blogs, internet news sites, and other political discourse forum, many argue the basis of future political engagement in Imo State must hinge on consistency, trust, demonstrated performance, and blueprint for good governance among real contestants.
In everyday life, both in personal and business dealings, it must fall within the lunacy range to engage an inconsistent untrustworthy entity. The level of inconsistency and distrust among politicians in Nigeria has reached unparalleled heights to an extent our emergency patriots in politics, if you will permit me to say, are more or less operating like associations of gangsters. What you have at every point in time is like one gangster trying to outdo the other, probably, to take control of the state’s treasury. This is why you find politicians who are richer than the country. None of them has any clear ideology. Does this not explain why a candidate seeking elective office will be a card-carrying member of not less than three political parties within few electoral years?

Chukwemeka Nkem Ihedioha’s governorship candidacy stands towering. He remains happily married to one wife Ebere Ihedioha and never wavered in his conviction, “My word is my Bond”. From the start of his political career in 1995 when he joined Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM), one of the four associations that metamorphosed and formed Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 1998, till date, he has consistently remained an unrepentant believer in his convictions, using PDP not only to advance his political career having risen to the Deputy Speaker, House of Reps, but essentially promoting his transformation agenda to the admiration of Imo people and Nigerians, fervently striving to ensure that the masses begin to experience fundamental changes which positively affect their lives. He says what he will do, and does what he says.
Over the years, he has demonstrated the African proverb “no matter how a river flows, it will never forget its source.” Imo cannot afford to waste another opportunity to enthrone such consistent, purposeful, trustworthy leader as Governor.

At the risk of boring you, it may not be out of context to highlight some of Emeka Ihedioha’s accomplishments in his capacity as the Deputy Speaker of House of Representatives, Federal Republic of Nigeria. These are not photo shot smokescreen projects, but projects geared towards upliftment of the socio-economic status of our rural masses. Liaising with NDDC, and Federal Government institutions, at the last count, road constructions/rehabilitation; water projects reactivation/rehabilitation have been executed, Five KVA power Substations excluding erection of solar powered street lights in Mbutu, Enyiogugu, Ife, and Ahiara junction completed; Construction/rehabilitation/Equipment of five health care centers completed, over twenty-one projects including construction/rehabilitation/equipment of schools in Aboh Mbaise have been undertaken. Other projects attracted using his position include Multipurpose youth development centers, Construction of Mini Stadium, Postal agency rehabilitation, construction of police stations and Quarters.
Alarming unemployment of youths, graduates remain a major source of concern to Emeka. In this regard, he fervently promotes skill acquisition training and empowerment programs for women, youths and graduates. In recent times, he has facilitated the employment of over two hundred and one Mbaise sons and daughters. Charity, they say begins at home. It is not therefore surprising that among all his chieftaincy titles, ‘Ome nke ahuru anya’ resounds vibrantly across the six hundred and fifty five autonomous communities in Imo State. More importantly, if Emeka’s record achievements which dot the landscape of Imo is not a testament that God has blessed Imo State with the next Governor who is development minded, with uncommon zeal for good governance, I don’t know what else.

To reinvent Imo to her enviable heights among states of the federation, every lover of Imo state whether at home or in Diaspora need to be preoccupied at this eleventh hour of campaigns for the emergence of Ihedioha’s visionary leadership in Imo State governorship elections. Articulate, but humble Emeka has been touring Imo state’s three senatorial zones, twenty seven local government areas preaching the biblical message in Isaiah 6:8 HERE I AM, SEND ME.
Our problem really is that we are always willing to compromise the truth for some political expediency or even outright gratification. CHANGE is difficult, but yet the greatest topic for intellectual masturbation. Daily we hear people call for change on one hand, and on the other theorize and agonize on why it cannot happen- a defeatist attitude afflicting us. CHANGE will only come as each of us do our own part, no matter how little, and not by demanding more from others. Let no one be confused by the political intrigues going on now in Imo State. Every open minded, courageous, lover of Imo state, who share Emeka Ihedioha’s vision cannot no more wait to join this movement for good governance now. The struggle to select our own leader without outside intervention, emancipate Imo and Igbo land has begun. Whose side are you on? My constituency is supporting Emeka Ihedioha fully based on demonstrated convictions and urge you to do same. We must reclaim our destiny from the present discredited leadership, by electing an exemplary leader.

As elections come close, home based patriots are engaged in door-to-door sensitization mission, Imo in diaspora must rise to the challenge of our times. It is okay to mobilize resources to assist in offsetting campaign costs, organize rallies across ASIA, Europe and United States of America in support of Emeka Ihedioha. It is time to actively raise the tempo in social media campaign, reach out to Imo people across the globe, tweet, place constant phone calls to relatives, parents at home, and town and village unions, Imo voters who are blind folded with tales of false unsubstantiated claims, on the wise need to vote Emeka Ihedioha for Governorship of Imo State.

I see the emergence of a statesman, patriot who is prepared, at all times, to be judged by his belief in and performance of the sacred tasks of good governance, not in any future times, but in the present age. I see him in the light of the momentousness of history, its processes, identity and affirmation of possibilities. In order to make concrete this testament of faith, and leave on record the element of our social contract with our children and generations unborn, we must harness all our talents and expertise to ensure his electoral victory. Our time is now; our moment is immediate. What we are today is result of our past actions, What ever we wish to be in the future depends on our present actions. Hon. Chukwuemeka Nkem Ihedioha represents a quintessential patriot who embodies the ennobling qualities of humility, with an ingenious talent for hard work.

The choice Ihedioha presents is the choice between; A defender of our democratic values against Usurpers of our democratic values, A defender of civil, human, minority, women, children and labor rights against violators of these rights, An advocate of quality education against antagonists of quality education, An incorruptible hardworking citizen against Looters and corruption Inc. politicians, Empowering our people against empowering few greedy collaborators. The choice is clear. The choice is to send a strong message with our votes, shame the marauders out of high political offices. Help elect Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha.

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