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Abia state tower

Isuikwuato Factor In Abia State Politics: Logical Reflections On Abia Charter Of Equity By Chukwuma ShaFT AMaram (Polemics)

Abia state tower

In Abia State, as in other states in Nigeria, the political altitudes and latitudes currently are in ascent in varying degrees, typical of feverish or frenzied atmospheres characteristic of elections timetables and preparations.

Political barometers are changing shapes frequently with increased, heightened daily and weekly activities, as political actors and gladiators, interests groups, and stakeholders; particularly political parties are busy setting up the stage for political activities and engagements for 2023 general elections.

In the specific case of Abia State, the new year 2022, significantly, has heralded and witnessed lately flurries and orgies of political activities, particularly series and spate of declarations in terms of overt and subtle forms of diverse ambitions or expressions on political offices and interests to contest elections in 2023.

Dominant interests, so far, center, as expected on the highly strategic, coveted position of governorship. Prospective aspirants and more prospective interests continue to mobilize, organize and to emerge from the constitutionally designated and recognized components units of the three geopolitical blocs in Abia State: namely, Abia North, Central, and South respectively.

Consultations, contentions, and controversies, are the main features of the initial preparatory stages, as the tempo progressively gathers momentum. Billboards, posters, and other strategic forms of political and electoral marketing devices and gimmicks are equally competing for available space and public attention, in different locations across Abia State.

Outstanding or preeminent political parties and platforms, chiefly APC, APGA, and PDP, are strategizing accordingly in readiness for both intra and inter political parties battles and contests ahead.

Divisive tendencies and schisms, at the moment, are more pronounced in APC; but to relatively lesser degree in PDP; not without visible signs of potentially dangerous and latent seething tensions. Or highly explosive potentially threatening internal contradictions within the apex hierarchies and strategic organs of the party’s stakeholders.

In the PDP camp, the organs of leaderships of the three senatorial zones, most likely, invariably or inescapably, may cross swords any time over the potentially contentious, controversial issues of rotational formula or principles, in respect of zoning the governorship position, specifically, as encapsulated in the guidelines of the founding document adopted during the creation of the State in 1991, popularly referred to and recognized as Abia Charter of Equity.

The adamant state of mindsets, indifferent dispositions, and unrelenting scheming designs, audaciously displayed by certain political personalities, political interests groups, specifically in the contexts of the attempts of Abia South geopolitical bloc to pocket or retain the governorship position, have been considered irritating, offensive, unnerving, unsettling and worrisome to some highly influential political quarters and interests groups, particularly in Abia North and Central.

The highly potential inflammable political barometers and atmospheres, principally prevailing in Abia North and Central (by virtue of the Machiavellism postures of Abia South), as guagued by political analysts and pundits, are ominously ticking fast, much like timed-bomb waiting to explode within the PDP camp, like volcanic eruptions.

Likewise, “hide and seek” games, apparent ” I don’t care” or “nonchalant attitudes” of the Abia State apex leadership of PDP, have been identified and perceived by some critical stakeholders, as critical challenges; and accordingly pose serious threats for cohesion and unity in the party.

To some critical party stakeholders, these issues have been blamed or responsible for gradual and continued swift erosions and weakening of PDP’s highly vulnerable, tenuous sense of unity, internal apparatus, machinery and mechanisms; especially in terms of keeping and holding the Umbrella in good order to sustain internal coherence.

Some party stalwarts and members have wondered at the motives or rationale behind the perceived inertia and paralysis in the party leadership, and have compared the situation metaphorically as destructive “worms” destroying PDP’s fabrics.

Accordingly, these issues and concerns have prompted appeals for necessary caution and urgent remedial actions or responses before it is too late and the Umbrella is dismantled or torn into shreds and tatters.

These are some of the pertinent feelings and plausible cause of fears generally expressed by some prominent PDP stakeholders, based on recent sampled opinions.

Politically induced volatile osmotic pressures in Abia State, could rise higher or lessened accordingly, essentially through wisely crafted and effectively implemented politically-engineered strategies and solutions.

Otherwise, pressures and tensions are bound to rise or escalate to epidemic crisis levels.

Political stability can be sustained, especially by the State government by the wise strategy of the adoption, adaptation, and leveraging on effective political blueprints and templates bequeathed by the founding fathers and notable statesmen, as enduring legacies to posterity of Abia State.

Previous democratically elected administrations and the incumbent administration (on its last lap of tenure and about to expire) and relinquish office in 2023, all, logically derived the respective mandates on account of the formidable structural foundations put in place through the wisdom exhibited by patriotic founding fathers, generally referred to and recognized as the Abia Charter Of Equity.

In its core essence, the Abia Charter of Equity, was designed to serve the singular objective or purpose as the unifying instrument that pulled together diverse sociocultural peoples and segments of the political entity known as ABIA, into existence and union as one, indivisible people and State.

Presently, some acts of highly amoral Machiavellian political tendencies freely exhibited, as were equally displayed in the past dispensations, constitute veritable, serious sources of potential dangers to the peaceful coexistence and unity in Abia State.

Precisely, these dangers were identified and spotted by the founding fathers and consequently wisely provided adequate buffers and mechanisms as safeguards, in the format of the Charter of Equity.

It would amount to, not only deliberate and flagrant breach of the spirit and principles of the Abia Charter of Equity, but equally suicidal, if especially the incumbent administration, on the sheer basis of considerations of Machiavellian politically ill-motivated, parochial interests, fail to preserve and protect the sanctity of the Abia Charter of Equity.

In this specific context, logically, the oath of office and oath of allegiance, administered to, and honourably sworn to by any governor of Abia State, past or present, essentially imply first and foremost, as a matter of paramount duty, and by all reasonable means necessary, conscious and deliberate efforts to preserve and protect the unity, harmonious peaceful coexistence in his/her political jurisdiction. Which jurisdiction, comprise the entire State, diverse peoples, different interests, rights, and privileges.

In other words, whatever decisions or policies, contribute in the long run to the maintenance and sustainability of sociopolitical cohesion, economic development, security, and stability of the present status quo, in enlightened and positive sense, need not be compromised, at all.

Above highlighted constitutional provisions, duty, and responsibilities of any elected public official, especially the president, state governor, council Chairman, etc, symbolize the true definition and core sublime essence of political maturity or sagacity. Any other politically contrived considerations or devices, and incentives, that may lose sight of or detract from these principles, especially in the contexts of participatory democracy, equate painfully to political mediocrity.

In the final analysis, prominent stakeholders in the ABIA project, specifically leadership of the incumbent administration in different strata or tiers; APC, APGA, and PDP, as dominant political parties and the respective party apparatchiks, owe Abians the sacred duty and obligations to ensure in 2022/2023 political season, the Abia Charter Of Equity, the principles thereof, spirit of systemized, stabilized, and legitimatized rotations or zoning of critical and cardinal political offices/positions, is not trampled on by any interests groups, but preserved and retained, by virtue of the collective will and determination of well-meaning Abians.

Axiomatically or metaphorically, the Igbo names and phrases: Ahamefula and Okemefula/Nkemefula are well loaded and deeply rooted in philosophical meanings and implications.

Equally, on the popular mantra of Oke Zuo Abia, as a political movement or agitation, Abia South bloc secured the governorship position in 2015.

Accordingly, emulating the same cause, and standing firmly in solidarity on the spirit of the Abia Charter of Equity; eternal principles of Ahamefula, Okemefula/Nkemefula, and Oke Zuo Abia: in 2023, logically, deservedly, and unequivocally, it is now the time, the right, and the turn of Isuikwuato axis and people of Abia North geopolitical family to produce/provide the governor of Abia State.

In summary, in the context of the enduring spirit and principles of the Abia Charter of Equity, the fundamental right of Isuikwuato axis to produce the governor, is by no means to be perceived as an arbitrary claim, or a favour.

On the contrary, it is firmly motivated and rooted in the good cause in defense, preservation, and protection of the Abia Charter of Equity.

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