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Gov. Willie Obiano

Obiano’s 1 hour Documentary on Silverbird TV 8-9 pm Feb 18th, 2017. The facts against the hype.

Gov. Willie Obiano
Gov. Willie Obiano

Ene Chukwugozie

Why would Obiano pay 5 Million Naira of Anambra money for a documentary of 1 hour, which contents are 95% lies as will be seen from our sector by sector analyses.

IGR: they showed the Revenue House clearly. This is the house completed by Mr. Peter Obi, which Obiano commissioned and claimed as his project.

He mentioned stimulus he announced to cushion effect of recession in Anambra. They should have told us how those measures have reduced recession. Is Anambra State experiencing something different from any state in Nigeria in terms of recession? You cannot fool the people with such gimmicks.

20 Million Given to each Community: I heard most of the towns beat up those that went to them to interview them on those projects. The Commissioner of Information, Tony Nnaecheta shamefully said such developmental efforts had not been witnessed before. They all should be ashamed that after abandoning multi billion Naira projects inherited from the towns in Anambra State, all Obiano is doing for them is building 20 Million Naira projects that have no economic benefits to the people.
To show you how Obiano ridicules Agulu people, his documentary mentioned the abattoir they said the 20m is being used to build in Agulu. Why did he not mention the project being executed in Aguleri?
Did you notice that in spite of the fact that Obiano is executing over 50% of his entire projects in Aguleri, yet he did not mention Aguleri?

AWKA: One award Obiano deserves genuinely is the ability to commission Aerial photographs to deceived the people. Anybody who had not been to Awka recently but saw the Aerial photos being brandished in the town would think he has done anything there except the three ill-advised and badly constructed flyovers that are only fit to be knocked down for achieving the opposite of what flyovers do in other climes: His flyovers increased traffics than reduce them.
It was only under Obi that Awka got serious and beneficial infrastructure such as the Teaching Hospital, Secretariat, Customary Court of Appeal, Roads(Agu-Awka by pass, Court road, Awka Inner Ring roads, Roads within the GRA, Roads to Okpuno, Ziks Avenue, Among many others),

Obi attracted the 0ngoing Federal Secretariat, Central Bank, Federal High Court, and many other federal establishments to Awka. Till today Obiano has not attracted one. Even the Court Appeal Obi was working on seems to have been abandoned.

ACTDA: The Awka Capital Development Authority was formed and passed into law by Mr. Peter Obi when Hon. Anayo Nebe was the Speaker. Obiano is fond of claiming what others had accomplished before him.
I saw pictures being brandished as housing estates being built under him. Till date, in spite all noise, Obiano has not done any housing Estate in Anambra State.
As for the MD of Rockland, it was sad to hear him say “in 4 years, Obiano has done what other Governors joined together have not done in the State.” These are the type of people that daily mislead that man. Rock Land mentioned the Civil servants’ Estate under construction as Obino’s brain child, when it was Obi who flagged off that Estate, when Sir Chidi Ezeoke was the Head of Service.
The documentary mentioned street lights as one of the achievements of Obiano. Isn’t this pathetic?

ECONOMIC BLUEPRINT: Obi attracted many industries in Anambra and they are all operating now such as SABmiller, INNOSON, JUhel, Orange Drugs.
Before he left, he did ground breaking for Distell and Nemitch Pharmaceutical companies. When he left, both companies pulled out saying that Obiano was not serious. See, the same man is talking about economic blueprint.

Attraction of 4 Billion Dollars to Anambra State.: What does this Obiano take us for? After drinking he will open his mouth and say whatever he likes. Who can give us the equivalent of 4 Billion Dollars in Naira? We have such foreign direct investment in Anambra yet we do not see evidence of that?

Obinano knows that everything about Onitsha shopping mall was concluded under former Gov. Obi. Under him, no kobo was committed to the project by Anambra State Government and yet in the documentary he was claiming to have completed the project. Must you lie at all times? The two projects – Awka and Nnewi Malls – he properly inherited he has not added one block to them.

They even showed the picture of Onitsha second Business park without mentioning the name, because people will recognize that it was Obi’s project.

They decided to have a little mercy on us today by not mentioning the amount. They forgot to mention the perfection of plans to export yam even when bulk of the yam we eat in Anambra State come from Benue and Taraba States.
Now is Mango time, we will not be surprised if one day Obiano will tell us that Anambra State has exported mangoes and cashews worth over 2 Million Dollars.

Coscharis (Couched) farm they dance with was attracted by Mr. Peter Obi.
Right now, the farm is just coming up, with just a few hectares of land under cultivation, yet Obiano says it is feeding the country now. States that cultivate 90% of the rice in Nigeria, including Ebonyi do not make 5% of the noise the Anambra noise makers makes about non-existent things. No wonder Gov. Rochas Okorocha laughed at him and challenged him to publish his achievements.
Omor Rice Mill: Obiano’s documentary said how the mill was handed over to Joseph Agro, but let us remember that it used to be Federal mill, until Mr. Peter Obi got the Federal Government to cede it to Anambra State, a feat Obiano lack the capacity to achieve.

PICTURE OF TRACTORS: the documentary flashed the pics of tractors without saying anything. This is designed to deceive the people to think that it was part of Obiano’s phantom Agric project. Those tractors were bought under Gov. Peter Obi and are packed in Nteje.

EDUCATION: So part of Obiano’s achievement in education was sending 23 teachers to Singapore? I mean, this is ridiculous. Even the Singapore trip was money secured from World bank for education managers, which was supposed to be by nominees of the Catholic, Anglican and Government.
Obiano talked about the renovation of 1000 classrooms, which were actually done under Obi.
The truth is that under Obiano, the gains in education cannot be sustained as Anambra has started sliding down, progressively
Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University and Nwafor Orizu College of Education: He talked about increase in their subventions, but let it be noted that he has not added one building to these institutions. If he has done so, let him name those buildings.
As for the College of Agriculture Mgbakwu an already ND and HND awarding institution, which he re-named a polytechnic, they forgot to mention it even though the change of name was his only achievement in that institution. Under Obi over 15 buildings were erected in the College, under him, none.

HELATH: They mentioned the renovation of Orumba General Hospital. People from that side will tell you that it is another lie. He did nothing in that hospital.
He mentioned the renovation of Onitsha, Ekwulobia and other health facilities in Umunze.
Obi completed the renovation of Onitsha General Hospital and secured accreditation for it. Obiano has not added one block to the hospital.
On Ekwulobia hospital: Obi renovated it and erected six new buildings there. Obi’s plan was to get it accredited. By now Obiano should have got that hospital accredited, instead he is lying about renovating it even when he has not added 1 block to it.
Which other hospitals in Umunze did he refer to? Do they not have names?
On water ambulances – They showed water ambulances bought under SURE-P programme which Obiano claimed as bought by his Government.

ROADS: They talked about Amansea-Amawbia road. After three years they are still talking about a road Obi started and set aside enough money for its completion.
In the past, Obiano said he had completed all the roads started by Obi, but in the documentary, they put it this way: “Most of the roads are ongoing, some are completed.” When somebody lies, he can never be consistent.

INDUSTRY, POWER AND ENERGY: They showed us the picture of the Vice President’s visit to SABmiller and Innoson, two companies attracted by Obi. This is a man who inherited two industries Obi had laid the foundations for their facilities- DISTELL at Ozubulu and Neimeth Pharmacy at Ekwulobia, which Obiano could not see through, thus making them to leave the State.

ON POWER: the documentary mentioned a new injection substation to boost power to Enugu-ukwu, Abagana and Ukpo and showed the picture of Obiano commissioning the Enugu-Ukwu sub-station without mentioning the name. Clever people! Because sufficient alarm was already raised about Obiano commissioning Enugu-Ukwu Sub-station Anambra State knew nothing about, they avoided mentioning the name and yet showed the picture.
Transformers: Obiano said he had bought 250 transformers. Bandying figures is nothing to him, but where are those transformers? This man self!

OIL AND GAS: Everyday this man talks about oil and gas and yet under him Anambra State has not put 1 kobo to Orient Petroleum. As Chairman of Downstream at the Senate, Senator Uche Ekwunife had perfected the papers for Anambra to be named an oil producing State, before she was removed by Sir Victor Umeh on the sponsorship of Obiano.
A few weeks ago, Lagos State was named an oil producing state even when Oil was first started being drilled in Anambra. Before the naming, nobody heard Gov. Ambode say anything about it, he quietly worked. In Anambra we have a Governor who sings the plan to name Anambra an oil producing State and yet he does nothing about it.

Water: The documentary showed picture of water schemes supposedly built by Obiano, but they did not mention the towns where they are located. What do you make out of this?

1 BILLION TO INDUSTRIES: Obiano said they had disbursed 1 Billion Naira loans to industries. Again, why did they not mention one industry that benefitted from the loan?

The documentary allocated to the First Lady almost half of the time allocated to Obiano, if not, the Lodge will not enter both of them.
See how lowly these people think, they mentioned Agulu (Home of Peter Obi), Nri (Home of Uche Ekwunife) and Alor (Home of Chris Ngige) as first three towns that benefitted from the houses the first Lady built for the poorest in Anambra State. We saw the pictures of hut-like bungalows that cost over 40 Million Naira per one.
They showed us CAFÉ toilets the first Lady built, which were actually existing toilets built by local Governments.
In any case, does huts and toilets justify the 250 Million Naira the woman collects every month as security votes?
Finally, they said Obiano has stayed for 2 years and few months. So they can lie about this one too? Next month Obiano will complete three years.

Lies! Lies!! And Lies!!!

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