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Professor Greg Ikechukwu Ibe: Contextual analysis and diagnosis of leadership challenge of Abia State By Chukwuma ShaFT AMARAM (Polemics).

Prof. Gregory Ibeh
Prof. Gregory Ibe, Chancellor/Founder, Gregory University, Uturu, Nigeria

Abia State is not only a familiar buzzing identity and a curious phenomenon on the precedence order matrix nomenclature among the component federating states in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Notably, Abia State, is a typical case study of curious mixtures of mind boggling contradictions and contrasts of great magnitude.

Ironically, and most unfortunately, Abia State represents the proverbial epithets or metaphoric ensigns of catastrophic indexes of bold imprints of socioeconomic underdevelopment; underperformance; heartbreaking political despoilations and gross exploitations in the contexts of the overbearing influences exerted by successive predatorial, manipulative, cum self-seeking mercantilist-styled and buccaneering leadership styles, predicated on the absurd mindsets and mentalities of Abia State political elite class predating the year 2000 in contemporary times.

Sparingly mentioned in credible media platforms for right reasons but mostly for wrong reasons, Abia State has retained the curious status of enigmatic puzzles in the political architecture of Nigeria.

Specifically, despite having and showcasing incredible potentialities for greatness, in terms of developmental indicators, which include namely: bright and vibrant corps and arrays of human capital resource; natural endowments of strategic mineral deposits; rich and diverse agricultural lands and potentialities; commercial and industrial hubs capacities and capabilities; etc; Abia State in decades has not moved and progressed beyond the deliberate barriers erected on the paths of becoming a modern economy and powerhouse of socioeconomic development, courtesy of unfortunate barriers designed essentially by the greedy and privileged political elite class and conniving associates since the advent of the present democratic dispensation following the emergence of Olusegun Obasanjo as the President of Nigeria.

These tribes of political-power-addicted vipers, Adventurists, Masterminds and organizers of inordinate, insatiable plundering of commonwealth and public treasury; predators guided by no public-spirited feelings of compassion; guided by no objective directional compass, guidelines or guidance towards strategic visions for the development of Abia State, constitute the primary factors and facilitators responsible for the decades of unquantifiable suffering plaguing Abia State in many fronts and the oppressive agonizing conditions tormenting the citizenry as the direct consequences.

In the interim, drum beats of another general elections in 2023 are sounding aloud in all corners of Abia State. Any critical minded observers and stakeholders in Project Abia, can discern the coordinated, choreographed, and synchronized dance steps and postures of these self-serving political class on displays, with sole intents to sustain the tempos of the old musics, aimed at preserving the status quo serving selfish purposes at the great detriments of the majority of Abia State populace who have experienced and suffered immeasurable oppressions in many decades.

The present situations Abia State finds itself was exactly the same kinds or similar circumstances and predicaments that hitherto prevailed in some states in the South East geopolitical zone, and in some other zones in the country lately. But now, the real difference is whereas Abia State is pinned down to the shackles of underdevelopment, systematic plundering of State’s resources, and host of attendant shortcomings, the peer states have marched on onwards in the directions of rapid socioeconomic advancements in almost all fronts.

These particular contrasting scenarios must be of great concern to thoughtful Abians, irrespective of political affiliations and inclinations in terms of political ideologies.

Notably, in the neighborhoods of sister states, evidence of remarkable progress have been recorded to some reasonable degrees in the last six to seven years following the 2015 general elections but in Abia the opposite is the case, though intense pressures are on the incumbent administration to change the ugly narratives.

At the moment, some kind of momentum is in motion considering the litany of projects on the table of incumbent Abia State Governor, Victor Okezie Ikpeazu.
Notwithstanding these laudable initiatives of late, Abia State is in serious lethargic circumstances comparatively in terms of measurements of sustainable developmental oriented projects executed by predecessors of the incumbent administration.

Wondering what is responsible for the miraculous and significant bold steps behind the developmental trajectories in the peer states and why Abia is bogged down or stucked in the quaqmires of intriguing socioeconomic underdevelopment?

Many people wonder why Abia State leads only from behind instead of being in the frontline, inspite of Abia State’s great credentials and potentialities contextually?

One and only simple, though complex answer or factor responsible is: leadership differentials.

Focused leadership; Visionary leadership; Strategic-driven leadership; Purpose and purposeful-oriented leadership; Selfless leadership; Leadership primed by judicious, meticulous, and prudent management and utilizations of human and non-human, fiscal, and other strategic resource portfolios and endowments of the peer states in question, provide the answer effectively.

Or, alternatively, as it can be figured out and imagined, wasteful misapplications and misappropriations, as the case may be in the contexts of the enormous resource base which ideally serve essentially as catalysts and drivers of socioeconomic development, account for reverse trends in development typical in Abia State in many years.

In 2023, we sincerely believe Abia State citizenry owes a fundamental duty to the State and posterity: to free, loosen, and unshackle Abia State from the bondages of miseries and underdevelopment orchestrated by myopic leadership.

This cardinal political agenda is easy to achieve contrary to doubts in some quarters but not expected as free gift from the hands or stables of the greedy, self-serving political elite class, who have pocketed Abia as a private estate to be exploited at will.

Abia State citizenry must emulate the footsteps of fellow citizenries, stakeholders, electorate in the adjoining states in the South East, principally by resolving with greater determination than ever to express support and vote only a candidate who has proven credentials and parades the pedigrees of visionary leadership; adept and experienced in the art and science of effective and efficient management; in fact acknowledged manager of human and non-human resources, fortunately known to be in great abundance, in great supply and variety in Abia state.

Ndi Abia collectively has a great duty to reclaim by voting right Abia’s rightful place in the schemes of socioeconomic progressions in Nigeria; not just by remaining tops by act of Divine Providence on the matrix list of the 36 federating states and FCT; but more importantly and in realities as a state that lives up to expectations by virtue of great quantum of potentialities available.

Abia State can even surpass in a short space of time or politically regulated calendar, beginning from 2023, what other peer states have accomplished in this respect, by infusing and injecting a new order in the political leadership arena as the essential catalyst to catalyze other complementary variables.

Ideally, Abia boasts of armies of capable men and women, blessed with cadre of youthful population and highly experienced veterans eminently qualified to provide examplary leadership, especially in the political settings.

Only few are outstanding in this respect to take on effectively this critical leadership role.

Only one is distinctively exceptional and extraordinarily outstanding in this context.

Indeed, uniquely outstanding based on records of impressive leadership skills and abilities to innovate.

I propose and toast indefatigable Professor Greg Ikechukwu Ibe, as that Visionary persona, capable to champion the great cause of Abia State; guide Abia State out of the dark woods and forests of acute socioeconomic underdevelopment pandemics.

Abia should and must move forward beyond the deadening impasse imposed by vicious political elite class whose only objective is to retain political power by any means possible; specifically by impositions of clueless political cronies and stooges in political offices and spaces, in order to perpetuate the woes of underdevelopment and stall any meaningful advancements of Abia State.

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