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President Muhammadu Buhari

Re: ” ‘Tinubu not to blame for Buhari’s failings’ says Oshiomhole” By Okechukwu Edward Okeke

President Muhammadu Buhari

These are not the exact words of any of the headlines on this issue. But this is basically what the former Edo State Governor said on the matter.

To appraise Tinubu and his support to Buhari, let’s refer to the Catholic Church’s doctrines of venial and mortal sins. A venial sin is not grave, and is easily forgiven. Here is a definition of a mortal sin:

* It must be a grievous deed.
* You know it would be a grievous deed.
* Despite knowing it would be a grievous deed, you did it.

Let’s go.

Before the presidential election of 2019, it was probably clear to the National Leader of the APC that the man he helped to become President in 2015 was doing badly generally and was doing very badly in the matters of security and (for lack of a better term) reflecting the federal character in appointments and resource allocation. He must have noticed the reluctance of the President to prevent Fulani herdsmen from within and outside Nigeria from using force to take over lands belonging to farming communities in central and southern Nigeria. Indeed, Tinubu must have heard of attempts to establish cattle colonies, to establish so-called rural grazing areas (RUGA), and to pass a bill to handover control of water resources in the country to the federal government. Tinubu must have noticed with concern how the DSS rather easily caught Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho, outside Nigeria for that matter, but have not caught any of the leaders of the so-called (Fulani) bandits that are in northern Nigeria — bandits in locations whose coordinates can easily be determined, who are collecting taxes in places that are known, and who are extracting minerals at locations that are accessible to our airplanes.

Given that Tinubu knew all these and a lot more that show that Buhari was a bad ruler, supporting him again in the election of 2019 — helping to give him a second term after which he would not need Tinubu’s support again — means that TINUBU WAS WILLING TO SACRIFICE THE PEACE, UNITY AND PROGRESS OF NIGERIA FOR HIS PRESIDENTIAL AMBITION. Many that supported Buhari in 2015 withdrew their support in 2019 when they saw how he had run the country between the two elections. Such persons can sincerely plead ignorance. They committed a venial sin: they can say with reason that they did not know that, in a manner of speaking, BUHARI IS LIKE THIS. Tinubu cannot make any such plea. He saw enough in 2015-18 to know that BUHARI IS LIKE THIS. To support him in 2019 in spite of what he knew makes him partly culpable for the weaknesses and evils of the Buhari regime.

To conclude, Tinubu’s support to Buhari in 2015 may be classified as a venial sin. His support to Buhari in 2019 is a mortal sin.

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