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(Right of Reply) Re: Lives Of Former Governors After Office: Uduaghan Returns To Medical Practice

Former Governor Uduaghan of Delta State
Former Governor Uduaghan of Delta State
For some time, there have been overt attempts to rewrite the history of governance in Delta State, especially the eighth-year tenure of His Excellency, Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, CON, immediate past Governor of the state, through outright falsehood and mischief.
However, the report in the Sunday Leadership of August 30, 2015, crossed the boundaries of mischief.
In the story on “Lives of former governors after office”, the segment on Dr. Uduaghan is a classic case of armchair journalism embellished with fictitious quotes with persons the author of the story never spoke with.
Having served the people of Delta State meritoriously, it is no rocket science to know that Dr. Uduaghan will take a well deserved rest having not had a vacation during his time as Governor. But the author stretched his imagination to a bizarre level by concocting events and developments.
First, at no time did anybody from Leadership newspapers call me on phone or speak to me directly as the then chief press secretary to the former governor.
Secondly, the mischievous allusion to a bid to sell the Master Care schools to the government of Delta State exists only in the mind of the author of the story.
There is absolutely no desire to sell the school now or in the future neither was any contact made with private individuals or officials of government on such a move. As there is no agreement anywhere for the sale of the school, the talk of “revoking” the “sale” is a product of the writer’s mischievous game plan. So why would Dr. Uduaghan’s wife go to court?
Let it be stated that at no time was the Mastercare International School, owned by a foundation being run by the wife of the Ex-Governor, sold to or negotiated with the Delta State Government. Therefore, the phantom running battle between Dr Uduaghan and his successor, Governor Okowa over an alleged “refusal to approve payment,” cannot arise.
We recognise the fact that these are desperate times for political jobbers who will stop at nothing to create storms where none exist in order to achieve their inordinate objectives. In executing this, there should be some modicum of honour and responsibility.
Dr. Uduaghan is not in any “running battle” with his successor, His Excellency, Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa. Of course, some people may have tried to create one using hirelings as the author of the story under reference, but as is always the case, any venture founded on satanic motives will collapse.
The author’s cheap resort to unfounded generalization in classifying Dr. Uduaghan’s achievements in office as “abysmal” only betrays the writer’s real intention of undertaking a hatchet job. However, Deltans are too sophisticated a people to be taken in by such jaundiced venture.
His legacies of achievements will continue to speak for him and continue to endear him to the people. As any other citizen, Dr. Uduaghan is entitled to embark on any legitimate venture after his vacation.
I implore my professional colleagues to exercise caution and be mindful of the fact that as journalists we owe readers the responsibility to uphold our honour.

SUNNY OGEFERE, Former Chief Press Secretary to Dr. Uduaghan, Ex- Governor of Delta State

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