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Dr. Abraham Nwankwo

South East zone: Only one thing is necessary by Abraham Nwankwo

Responsible and uncompromised Igbo intellectuals, professionals and elite should focus on demanding the one thing that is both necessary and sufficient at this time in history from the South East Governors: SECURITY.

*Let them drive out (using whatever method they consider appropriate) the occupationist terrorists that have planted themselves all over Ala-Igbo: Lokpanta/Umunneochi; Ihube; 4-Corner Udi; Opi; Ezeagu; Nkalagu axis; Enugu-Ezike; etc.

*Let them stop RUGA-rization and de-Christianization of Ala-Igbo by external forces in whatever guise.

*Let them stop the daily dehumanisation and celebration of enslavement of Ndi-Igbo by Nigerian military on South East highways, where they force all passengers – including limping people, old men and women, toddlers, pregnant women and sick persons, people dressed neatly going for weddings and other ceremonies – to de-board and trek under rain and sun, under darkness and threat of reptiles.

* Let them stop armed strangers collecting indemnity money, prominently along Onitsha-Enugu- Aba and Onitsha-Owerri-Aba highways.

*Let then realize that the accommodation of these external planks of insecurity against Ala-Igbo has effectively established an environment of anarchy, thereby creating a moral hazard that has encouraged local criminals to boldly join the Devil’s Banquet.

* Let them find solution to the unique frustration and hopelessness that is forcing Igbo youths to constitute a disproportionate part of Nigerians fleeing the country into exile and even into slavery in frozen lands. Is this in alignment with the population displacement and replacement strategy of any group?

*Unless the Governors deal with this existential challenge, they would be recorded by history, at best, as mere gatekeepers for the ethnic cleansers of Ala-Igbo, or even worse, as active agents of the aggressors.

(For clarity, google and listen to and decode the public declaration of Asari Dokubo regarding his assignment on Ala-Igbo by FGN; listen to the testimony of the Emeritus Methodist Prelate of Nigeria, Dr. Samuel Uche, regarding his encounter with the terrorists; study the many encounters of AMOTEKUN in Yorubaland with similar invaders to get a glimpse of what must be happening to the unguarded Ala-Igbo; etc)





I have passed on these ancestral warnings for the past four or more years.
The think-tanks of Ndi-Igbo wouldn’t listen and the disaster of a “castrated race” is deepening day by day……

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  1. My brother, you have said it all. Security is key. Our governors should prioritize it.

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