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Senator Mao Ohuabunwa

Abia North: A time for deep introspection

Senator Mao Ohuabunwa
Senator Mao Ohuabunwa

The political situation in Abia North Senatorial District calls for deep verification and soul searching predicated on the antecedents of the principal players.
The people or rather the electorates are the bride being critically and frantically wooed by political parties and candidates in each election season.
From the Nigerian experience, it is taken as a do or die situation where all kinds of strategies are employed most of them foul in nature.
The upcoming election is one big opportunity for the electorate to sift the grain from the chaff, blowing off the fraudulent and liars among the pack and go for the candidate who can deliver aided by ample benefits of hindsight on their previous acts and character as suggested earlier.
In the case of Abia North, two of the pack have been tried and tasted making it easy for the electorate to choose if we look at them dispassionately. These two of the trio have been in public office for many terms too.
David Onuaha popularly known as Bourdex made waves with his telephony business, a CDMA phone that offered services to the rural subscribers in the early days of GSM but later sold to Visa Pnone. That’s a pass mark for venturing into a rare area then that helped communications but he is yet to be in public office and so lacks the experience thereof.
Senator Mao Ohuabunwa has enjoyed 2 tenures previously in the House of Reps and now at the Senate with maximum votes and a wealth of enviable experience until challenged by Orji Uzor Kalu.
Orji Uzor Kalu is the former Governor of Abia State from 1999 to 2007. Despite political intrigues that may deceive the electorate there should be a clear cut selection judging from their pasts. The tenure of Orji Uzor Kalu was seriously embattled with scandals ranging from certificate rackets, shady financial deals, over highhandedness, intolerance of opinions from opponents from other parties and suggestion from party members. And many have been asking, what is OUK known for? Were there projects we can practically and visibly attach to his name as the governor of Abia?
It is rumoured that he enriched himself while in office as many of his businesses sprang up after he left office. Right now he has lingering charges with EFCC. He has not helped matters by unleashing his print hounds on anybody he assumed is against him. His tantrums with national leaders like Obasanjo and other leaders, especially elder statesmen whom he forced to take refuge in other places. The current change mantra in the air should be a guide so that the people will gain from the leadership we enthrone.
His numerous hypes of being one of the first ten richest men in the world have raised more questions on his source of wealth and where his industries are located. More would tend to ask, how many people has he mentored or raised in his constituency not to talk of Abia where he ruled like a despot creating then Abuja and Abia politicians.
In examining OUK, what has he successfully completed to make anybody take him seriously? He tried the Igbo presidency and stopped midway. He toured around speaking on Njiko Ndi Igbo only to dump it and settled for an overnight senatorial bid where he came a distant third. With his PPA set aside as a safety net, he made many attempts to rejoin PDP, a case he forged membership cards that were proven to be a big hoax. No sooner than that ended, he ventured into a FIFA presidency bid when in truth he was an accredited FIFA outsider. On other grounds, has he made any serious contributions to any national debate rather what we get are endless squabbles that are embarrassing and do not befit a former Governor or neither a Senator in making.
The blame should be on us for tolerating such people in our society. We in Abia North have one chance to reject OUK as we do not expect anything new from him.
Senator Mao Ohuabunwa stands politically taller with his two tenures at the Reps and has been a more accessible and transparent personality. He is a legislator who has presented multiple bills and motions and has an unquestionable educational and family background. Lest we forget, he was onetime chairman of ECOWAS parliament, a post that made him a transnational legislator.
The electorate has all the choice to make. Let them go beyond hypes and empty claims that are mere veneers and facades and face the hard facts.
The past can potently help us to shape the present. Any mistake will mortgage them far beyond control.

Okorie wrote in from Idima Abam

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