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Dr. Kayode Fayemi

Alleged N40b fraud: Nigerians not deceived by your antics, APC tells Fayose

 Dr.- Kayode Fayemi

Dr.- Kayode Fayemi
Gov. Ayo Fayose-of Ekiti State
Gov. Ayo Fayose-of Ekiti State
The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State has described the allegation of N40b fraud by Ekiti State House of Assembly against former Governor Kayode Fayemi as Governor Ayodele Fayose’s attempt to shift attention from his alleged crimes to blackmail the Federal Government and put the former governor in bad light.
It said Nigerians are not deceived by such antics to take attention from the “flurry of confessions in courts” exposing how Fayose allegedly participated in frauds to win his election.
The House of Assembly members had last Thursday approached the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) with a copy of a petition alleging that Fayemi misappropriated N40b in projects execution between 2010 and 2014.
But reacting in a statement at the weekend by Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatunbosun, the party said it was too late to divert attention from the revelations on alleged fraud perpetrated by Fayose to fix his election.
Accusing Fayose of desperation to divert attention from his investigation over alleged election fraud and at the same time put Fayemi in bad light, Olatunbosun wondered why it took more than two years before the governor realised that the House of Assembly was the vehicle through which he could transmit a petition to the EFCC.
He also slammed the members of the House of Assembly, accusing them of “ineptitude, mediocrity and slave boys of a reckless and lawless governor”.
He said: “These lawmakers are pitiable sights on television speaking to reporters on an issue they have no competence and you can see their mediocrity as a bunch of slave boys to a reckless, lawless governor desperately seeking to divert the attention of Nigerians from the revelations in court over his seamless infractions on the law to stay in power.
“Besides not having constitutional powers to act as petitioners in matter that concerns only the executive arm of government, majority of the members do not possess educational qualifications that can prepare them for the duties they were elected to perform, hence their directionless conduct and acting as tools of the governor while they suffer in penury.
“We don’t know when the House of Assembly conducted their investigation to arrive at this petition, as what they have in the petition are the same allegations that Fayose has been bandying around to deceive the workers on the state’s debts.
“This is besides the fact that they have the constitutional power to conduct investigation into any allegation and ask the governor to set up administrative panel to investigate the allegations, but because they lack capacity to do the job they were elected to do, they are prepared to line the streets to protect the interest of the governor like they did when they occupied Ado Ekiti streets over EFCC investigation into Fayose’s allies’ involvement in alleged fraud.”
Describing the petition as “frivolous and devilish” plot to set Nigerians against Fayemi and paint President Muhammadu Buhari in bad light in his fight against corruption, Olatunbosun listed instances in the petition that were fabrications and outright lies, explaining:
“They said in the petition that Fayemi abandoned the Pavilion while in actual fact the former governor completed the project and Fayose has been renting it out to the public at cut-throat prices.
“The petitioners also lied against the Deputy Executive Secretary of (UBEC), Dr Yakubu Gambo, who they said accused the former governor at the Senate hearing for diverting UBEC funds sourced from the Access Bank even when the man had since denied accusing Fayemi of such allegation and when in actual fact Fayemi never collected the money at Access Bank after Fayose had cautioned all banks against transacting business with Fayemi after he (Fayose) became governor-elect, warning that he would not honour such debt obligations. If Fayemi actually diverted the SUBEB fund as they alleged, they should provide the account where the money is diverted to.”
He added: “After many futile attempts to rubbish Fayemi, including setting up many secret panels to implicate him, Fayose has resorted to making the House of Assembly his tool by turning it to petition writer.
“All issues raised in the frivolous petition have been adequately addressed in the comprehensive handover note in possession of the House of Assembly which they have refused to read but has chosen its primary assignment as Fayose’s attack dog.”
He explained that the Assembly members hadn’t gone through the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to understand the protocol of their office and so they acted in ignorance.
He said: “Was the money they mentioned not appropriated for? The money was appropriated by the Fourth Assembly during Fayemi’s administration and there was an audited report of the appropriated bill yearly.
“Was the bond not approved? Were the contracts not approved? Was any of the monies they’re talking about found in Fayemi’s account like Fayose who keeps billions of state funds in his accounts and takes money without appropriation?
“Budgeting under Fayemi was done thoroughly and all spending went through due process, which earned Ekiti State the best in budget execution in the country for year 2014.
“The House under Fayose has been gagged to the extent that they cannot answer their names without the approval of Fayose.
“If they don’t know their responsibility to the people, I will make myself available to teach them as a former principal officer of the House.
“Most of them, who are drop-outs, were picked from herbal homes and on the streets, so we are not surprised that they have turned themselves to market place jesters as against what they’re elected to do.”
Explaining that the latest petition is a rehash of past petitions since September 2014 to the EFCC which has been constantly ignored because it is frivolous, Olatunbosun said Fayemi was in office after losing election at least for eight months while Jonathan was President, yet the EFCC ignored their petition as baseless.
“The latest Fayose-instigated petition by the House of Assembly is a ploy to cause distraction from his present predicament for participating in the looting of the nation’s treasury and other sundry crimes.
“Fayose is only looking for who to pull down with him so that he won’t be accused of being the only thief. Governor Fayemi’s achievements in Ekiti State can never be rubbished by Fayose who is always enmeshed in one financial misappropriation or the other.
“We are however comforted with the fact that the reading public already knows that apart from being a pathological liar and an incurable kleptomaniac, Fayose runs his government on lies so nobody takes anything coming from Ekiti State government under Fayose serious.”
He advised the lawmakers to go through Fayemi’s hand-over notes to understand the issues they were raising in the petition instead of allowing themselves to be used as instruments of blackmail to destroy the reputation of an innocent man.

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