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A fire truck

 Ife Fire Service records 18 fire outbreak in 2022 – Officer

A fire truck

The Fire and Rescue Services has said that it recorded 18 fire outbreaks in Ife zone between January and December 2022.

The Principal Fire Superintendent 11, Ife Zone, Mr. Adeleye Adeyinmi, made the disclosure during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at New Ife Fire Station, Oduduwa College Road, Ile-Ife on Thursday.

He said that the incidents occurred in Ife East, Central, North and South which comprises Ife Zone.

According to him, the incidents happened through carelessness in the use of electrical appliances, high voltage and ignorance about the handling of naked fires.

“Majority of the fire outbreaks were caused mainly by carelessness, arson, and ignorance about the handling of naked fires.

“Fire outbreaks were more prevalent in Ife Zone between October and April, because the period was the core dry season when fire outbreaks get easily escalated,” he explained.

The Principal Superintendent 11 explained that no life was lost, but that the properties lost were worth about N700 million, while property saved through the efforts of the Service was worth N1.5 billion.

“It does not make sense for anyone to lose anything now with the situation of things presently in the country,” the officer stressed.

He urged the residents to take preventive measures against fire outbreaks, saying the only language fire understands is prevention.

Adeyinmi appealed to the state government to come to their aid in terms of giving them working fire engines and erect motorised boreholes to cater for any fire emergency in Ife zone and Osun State at large.

The Principal Superintendent 11, admonished people to always call the service first anytime there is fire outbreak, rather than calling them after battling fire outbreak unsuccessfully.

He maintained that trying to combat the fires first before calling them would cause more damage and possible total destruction to property.

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