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Igbo dance troupes overwhelm Wales

By Rose Oranye

The Nganga dance group, in association with Ifemeluigbo troupe, has through outstanding exhibition of their talents received significant recognition.

Nganga/Ifemeluigbo’s commitment to showcasing the Igbo cultural heritage on a global scale was evident in their recent awareness campaign, which aimed to educate the public about various cultural practices and norms in the British Isles.

Ifemelumma Nweri, the convener of the Ifemeluigbo dance group in corporation with the Nganga performance group, received remarkable recognition from the media for her outstanding display of expertise and mastery of the unique Igbo cultural heritage and milieu through her dancing and choreography.

Ifemelumma has been published by an African Welsh magazine, which recognizes her passion and promising talent in the use of Igbo cultural dance as therapy for wellbeing. Ifemelumma, as published by African Welsh media in Cardiff, features her outstanding Igbo cultural dance talent, choreography skills, and exceptional Igbo cultural dance attire designs.

The Nganga/Ifemeluigbo group performed at the Africa Day in Newport, Wales on May 26, 2024.

Ifemelumma and Nganga, the vibrant cultural performance group, has been an active participant in a wide range of cultural events throughout Wales.

Ms. Ifemelumma Nweri’s impactful work extends to organising and performing with young individuals at a dance event in schools across Eastern Region Nigeria and conducting dance performances with her dance group throughout the UK.

Her dedication and talent have undoubtedly left a lasting impression, and her achievements serve as a true testament to her exceptional abilities.

Committed dance connoisseurs are unanimous in stressing that congratulations are due to Ms. Ifemelumma Nweri and her outstanding troupe for their well-deserved recognition and look forward to their continuing to succeed and inspire others.

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