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Opinion – Chioma Nnabugwu’s spurious claims

Having gone through the throes of an inconclusive election in Abia recently, I thought it was over until I heard a jingle in one of the private radio stations- Family Love FM, 103.9, Umuahia and read what looked like the newspaper version on the Hallmark of Thursday, April, 30, 2015 page 8, titled Battle to recover Abia not yet over.
I will not be surprised to read this again on Sunday Vanguard of May 3rd, 2015 as their character have been to sneak in poison articles and fictitious claims.
Let me state categorically that there is nothing to recover in Abia by APGA or Alex Otti. They did not get to the government House and so did not forget anything there.
The election of 2015 has come and gone. The governorship in Abia is won and lost. Dr. Ikpeazu of PDP won by landslide after being frustrated by Alex Otti and his no-name APGA.
For those who do not know, the results of the governorship election rating from the 17 Local Government Areas truly reflected the true electoral will of the people. Otti, native of Arochukwu won mostly in Abia North senatorial Zone like Arochukwu, Bende, Umunne Ochi, Isuikwuato, Umuahia South and very few in the South, stronghold of his main opponent Dr Ikpeazu.
Dr Ikpeazu did same and got swings from Umuahia North and Ukwa areas. Does Otti want to win in Obingwa? Just as hard as it could be for Ikpazu to win in Arochukwu LGA.
Alex Otti and his APGA protested the results in some Local Government Areas, quoting objectionables and abnormalities supported by an international observer Miss Shirle Wilson of a UK-based organization.
In truth, she was an observer and only accredited with observer status, to be seen and not heard.
Alex Otti due to his contacts and connection got his wishes granted in the cancelled areas. The meat of Otti’s grouse are in Ngwa areas which should be seen as Ikpeazu’s strongholds but Otti had his way and there was a re-run in 9 Local Government Areas. At the end of this, Otti slumped again as he did in the first instance on April 11, 2015. After the rerun on April 25, his agent with a-win-at-all-cost mentality refused to sign the result sheet as was the custom for party agents. Otti raged like one stung by bees, promising hell, with prosecution at the tribunal inclusive. He has the constitutional liberty to seek redress if aggrieved but it is clear here that Dr. Alex Otti doesn’t know his real political rating or either playing a fool.
No doubt that he was a successful banker and was able to ingratiate himself with top flight investors and politicians but it is clear to all that Alex Otti is a green horn as far as Nigerian politics is concerned. All he needed to do was to be a sportsman and congratulate his opponent, Dr. Ikpeazu, as Jonathan did to Buhari.
Before the elections, PDP took a stand to zone the governorship to Abia South but Otti knowing clearly that he was not qualified; double shuffled to APGA and reinvented his Ngwa origin which many events debunked. At least, the election results from Arochukwu Local Government Area, where he polled a resounding high number of votes of over eleven thousand was enough evidence that he is of Aro stock. His strategy of striking a deal with all Aro outposts as it is traditional with his people to be settlers all over was an open secret.
Another nudging question is, can Otti be actually trusted judging by the way he moved to APGA and claims of Ngwa nativity which is a huge chameleonic manoeuvre? Does Otti need the weatherman to tell him the way the political wind is blowing?
Otti is an adult and should not allow himself to be led by the nose by people who know no other way to do things than falsehood. Are such degrees of deceitfulness not pointers to desperation?
He pulled his longest strings, amassing a known cement magnate, a former governor of Abia and a recently retired general, yet all these came to naught. Chances are that he is being hoodwinked.
Are all these not desperate moves that will, if elected, bargain away our fortunes to those he owes greatly. Can you trust such a character with our wealth and heritage?
Abia is a PDP state! APGA may not move faster than their shadows. He gave his best and all he needs to do is to re-strategize and try in the next eight years, he may be lucky if people like Uche Ogah are not in the race. One thing is certain, age is on his side.
Chioma’s spurious claims throughout her writings were faulty from start to finish. Her USA address clearly testified that she is not abreast of what is happening at home and in Abia precisely, if she knew, she would have been able to see the quantum changes in infrastructure and policy of the present government. All her references of abysmal infrastructure have been serially debunked by oracular figures like Mr Labaran Maku, former Information minister, Mohamed Garba, NUJ president, Dr Onyebuchi Chukwu, former Health minister, former Inspector General of Police and others. These observed works are in the ubiquitous blue roofed model schools in all the 17 LGAs, the Primary Health Centres in their multiples, skills acquisition centres, community based assistance, free education in primary and secondary schools, free bus services, Gender enhancing appointments, of women in many sectors including the courts, Abia University, female permanent secretaries and many other fields. Strongly added to these is the historic power shift to Abia South which has been down since 1914.

According to one thinker, ‘figures do not lie but the liars will figure.’

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