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Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo

APGA, Soludo may take over South East in 2023 polls if… By Chukwuma Amaram (Polemics)

Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo

Which of the following assertions or statements is more correct?

Spectacular performance of APGA’s political machinery culminated in spectacular victory in the Anambra 2021 governorship polls for APGA’s flagbearer, Professor Soludo or Soludo’s spectacular performance in the polls powered, earned, and brought victory to APGA.

Combination of the two factors and forces fuelled the victory.

The two assertions and statements are explicitly or intrinsically correlated and correct; and represent two sides of a coin.

What is incontestable at the moment is the victory earned and secured in the polls, is in the drawers of APGA, and Soludo. Except annulled by means of legal adjudication.

The victory served as another example of “David felling Goliath” in the battlefield. Specifically, in the context of mega political parties versus a smaller one, squared up in electoral contest.

In the South East zone specifically, the remarkable or resounding victory of APGA in Anambra polls challenges other APGA chapters in the four other states of the South East to consolidate on the stellar performance in Anambra, in their respective states .

Indeed, it is clearly a case of loud wake-up clarion call sounding, trumpeting across the length and breadth of the South East.

In non South East states, the victory achieved is no less inspiring, providing ample hope for limitless possibilities, no matter how daunting the odds may appear

In the South East, the profile of APGA was given another significant boost. The electoral endorsement received by APGA in the polls served essentially as re-enactment of APGA’s dominance in Anambra in governorship contests. Particularly, with reference to the high calibre of personalities chosen as flagbearers in the field of guber contests.

For as long as the fine strategic tradition and high standard are steadfastly preserved and sustained, APGA’s continued dominance, relevance, and invincibility would remain.

If the APGA political family in other states’ chapters in the South East can copy the fine traditions of Anambra State, invariably the political fortunes would equally experience comparable results in electoral contests in the South East.

Sometime in the past, some South East states, notably Abia and Imo States, nearly produced governors of these states from APGA flagbearers; until the political currents and tides were overturned by other political developments and forces in operations.

In the forestated cases, the voters delivered large numbers of votes in favour of APGA candidates, chiefly because of the high quality associated with the personalities of the flagbearers.

Personality politics, not party platform politics, dictated the choices of voters in the cases under reference. When a great personality is fielded as party flagbearer, irrespective of the party in question, greater the probabilities or possibilities of favourable reception or voting outcome; success is closer at the door posts; voters are better inclined or predisposed to accept candidates in this calibre, generally.

It’s in this light that APGA’s invincibility and electoral successes or good fortunes in Anambra State, having profited enormously in terms of victories in three consecutive governorship contests, can be logically explained or understood.

Rival political parties in the South East geopolitical space, can equally adopt and emulate APGA’s template in Anambra, and profit maximally in the polls.

Contexts of elections are changing rapidly, leveraging especially on extensive reforms of electoral processes and procedures.

Cheating in elections are now better check-mated and more vigorously. Electoral frauds, including pervasive rigging can no longer secure or guarantee victory in the polls in future. Voters are now more conscious of voting rights, including resisting any forms of electoral frauds or malfeasance.

The only or best means to secure victory in the polls is presenting qualitative candidates, who measure up to the sophisticated standards of better enlightened voting populace.

Ballot robbers in parties’ primaries and general elections are destined to face the righteous anger of voters in future. It would not continue to be business as usual.

In 2023, if all political parties in the South East can shop and selectively pick candidates who come close to Soludo’s pedigree (not necessarily in terms of outstanding academic prowess) but in the contexts of overall good image and standing in public perceptions, South East politics and governance would advance immensely, ultimately.

Organically, APGA as a political family, like other parties, has experienced critical challenges, including infighting and other disruptive tendencies.

The spirit that aided the party to overcome these challenges in the past, if sustained can serve as formidable mechanism or bulwark against internal or intraparty disruptive forces.

It is highly desirable with Soludo’s presence as strategic stakeholder or influencer that his positive influence or impact should be felt organizationally, in strengthening and repositioning APGA in all ramifications, to become a more formidable platform.

If Soludo succeeds in strengthening APGA in all aspects as a formidable political machinery across the borders of Anambra State to the rest of South East states specifically, APGA’s political horizons stand to widen with greater prospects of a brighter future.

Soludo’s brave antecedents, expertise, exceptional records, as a “reformer” in office as Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in reforming the vital institution, stand as enviable reference point, in taking on this task in APGA.

In this regard, Soludo’s primary task is to help APGA attract to and retain like minds in the party.

At no other time is the South East environment more ripened than now to embrace APGA completely. Prospects of attaining the stature and status of dominant party is greater now than ever.

If the likes of Soludo in the South East identified with APGA, mega parties, particularly APC and PDP, are more likely to respond by effecting vital changes and reforms in their manner and style of operations.

For APC and PDP, taking South East for granted can be fatally catastrophic in the context of the 2023 polls.

The antidote, or saving grace requires to attract, warehouse, retain sons and daughters of the South East, with similar credentials as Soludo. More importantly, empower same as candidates for political elective offices or positions.

Except this calibre of persons are used as flagbearers in the 2023 general elections, especially as governorship standard bearers, the possibilities of APGA and Soludo taking over the entire spectrum of the South East, is as sure as light overshadowing darkness.

In this context, the victory of APGA and Soludo in Anambra polls serves as booster or good omen, principally in the resetting and recalibrating of the political barometers and thermometers in the South East.

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