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My grouse with 2019 Ahiajoku Lecture By Prof. Obiareri Nnamdi


Governor Emeka Ihedioha of Imo State and the new Ahiajoku logo
Prof. Nnamdi Obiaraeri



 It is good and commendable that the 2019 Ahiajoku Lecture was recently held in Owerri.

 The intellectual and non-intellectual benefits of Ahiajoku lectures are legendary and innumerable no doubt.

 However, some fallouts from the 2019 Ahiajoku Lecture suggest that the solemn occasion may have knowingly or unknowingly been turned into a political joke and what may be termed a historical and intellectual fraud by the organisers.

 Two salient examples will suffice and these should be avoided in future editions.

 Firstly, to lend that sacred Ahiajoku podium meant exclusively for Igbo intellectuals to interrogate Igbo renaissance to a non Igbo invitee or anyone else for that matter to use to insult prominent Igbo sons and daughters on Igbo soil is the worst sacrilege done to the memory of both the living and dead Ahiajoku lecturers and participants.

 It has never been done before that Ahiajoku Lecture is used to recruit brigands and thuggish mercenaries suffering from verbal diarrhoea to fight political enemies.

 Only an efulefu will bring a stranger into his family compound for the purpose of insulting his brothers and sisters. Igbos are not efulefus. GOD forbid- Ozo eme kwala.

 Secondly, to record past Ahiajoku lecturers and deliberately omit the 2012 Ahiajoku Lecturer, Prof Uba Nnabue, an eminent global scholar, Professor of Law,  Member of Board of Trustees of the prestigious NALT, and current Federal Commissioner, National Population Commission, is not only a disservice to intellectualism but a complete failing on the part of the organisers of the 2019 Ahiajoku Lecture.

 How did that happen?

 Sadly, everything points irresistibly to the fact that the elusive desire to discredit the immediate past administration at all cost certainly led the 2019 Ahiajoku organisers into ahistoricism because on 28 Nov 2012, the 2012 Ahiajoku lecture titled “Okezue Ogbuu Alaa,” was ably delivered by Prof Uba Nnabue.

 It is complete intellectual dishonesty not to acknowledge the 2012 edition of Ahiajoku Lecture and the distinguished Lecturer Prof Uba Nnabue no matter the grouse any one may have against Senator Rochas as two term Governor of Imo State.

 It must be noted that Ahiajoku Lecture is promoted in Imo State but it is collectively owned by Igbo people scattered in five States of Imo, Ebonyi, Enugu, Anambra, Abia and beyond.

 By this sacrilegious act of deliberate distortion of facts due to minor political wrangling in Imo State, the 2019 Ahiajoku organisers tactlessly and illadvisedly took the internal Imo politics to the general market square.

 This is against the letter and spirit of the Ahiajoku Lecture series and what the founding fathers had in mind in putting together such durable intellectual platform for propagating Igbo renaissance, peace and love.

 Against the foregoing, we think the organisers of the 2019 version of Ahiajoku Lecture owe a personal apology to Prof Uba Nnabue as the 2012 Ahiajoku Lecturer. They should also render an unreserved apology to Ndi Imo and Ndi Igbo on these scores because deliberate distortion of history and historical facts is aruu in Igboland.

 Truly, Okezue Ogbuu Alaa!

 Apologies in advance to all concerned even as the drums of Ahiajoku Lecture Series continue to beat… Ozo eme kwala!

 A new normal is possible!


Prof Obiaraeri is my name, the ☆☆☆☆☆ 5-Star Civilian General etc.


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  1. Prof Obiariaeri,

    There is this saying among the Igbos that ‘agba oria oshi, ya ala’. Literally translated that when you expose an ailment, it’s cure is known .

    If it will take Ahiajioku lectures to cure the damages done to Imo people by Rochas, let it be organized again without delay.

    Rochas is ‘ikpechi’ that ailment in the days of ‘ Omenauko’, when one is infested with will be thrown into evil Forest (ajoo ohia) and no one associates with ‘ikpechi’ as it is seen as ‘aaru’.

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